Vizcaya Wedding // Brooke & Galen

Brooke and Galen’s wedding at Vizcaya in Sacramento was a celebration of love and simplicity at the iconic wedding venue located on 21st Street in midtown Sacramento. Known for its inclusive atmosphere, Vizcaya is a popular choice among couples in the area, and the venue’s timeless charm set the stage for a memorable day.

The couple embraced the trend of a first look, creating a poignant and emotional moment before the ceremony. Against the backdrop of Vizcaya’s elegant surroundings, the genuine emotions that unfolded during this intimate encounter set the tone for the rest of the day.

In a bid to keep things simple and intimate, Brooke and Galen opted for a small bridal party, with just three people on each side. This decision added an extra layer of closeness and allowed for a more relaxed and personal atmosphere throughout the festivities.

One of the highlights of the day was Brooke’s choice to change into a different dress for the reception—an increasingly popular trend that brings an extra element of style and comfort to the celebration. The white, flowy reception dress not only showcased her personality but also allowed for easy movement as she danced the night away. This modern approach to bridal attire resonates with the evolving preferences of couples, and the choice of a reception dress added a touch of contemporary flair to the timeless elegance of Vizcaya.

As the couple exchanged vows and celebrated with their close-knit group of friends and family, Vizcaya’s enchanting ambiance served as the perfect backdrop for a wedding that seamlessly blended tradition with modern touches, making it a day to remember for Brooke and Galen and a venue that continues to be a beloved choice in Sacramento.


Photographer: @alyssarubyphotography
Venue + Catering: @vizcayasac
HMUA: @christiereynoldsbeauty
Florals: @sbblooms
DJ: @beatfleetdjs
Dress: @miosabride

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