The Santa Barbara Club Wedding // Breanna & Melissa

Breanna and Melissa’s wedding at The Santa Barbara Club unfolded as a day of timeless elegance and heartfelt moments in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. The couple, opting for tradition, decided against a first look, choosing instead to savor the anticipation and surprise of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.

Prior to the ceremony, Breanna shared an intimate first look with her father, a poignant moment that added a personal touch to the day. Surprising him with a custom tie, the gesture symbolized the bond between father and daughter, a sweet prelude to the main event.

For their bridal party, the couple chose a classic and chic aesthetic, dressing them in all black. The choice not only exuded timeless sophistication but also created a cohesive and elegant look, perfectly complementing the venue’s ambiance.

The Santa Barbara Club, a stunning venue in the heart of downtown, served as the perfect backdrop for the celebration. With the ability to host both the ceremony and reception, the venue offered a seamless transition from one joyous moment to the next. Its charm and central location allowed the couple to create a wedding day that combined sophistication with the convenience of having everything in one place.

The day was full of pure joy, marked by happy tears, infectious smiles, and laughter that echoed the joyous union of Breanna and Melissa. The Santa Barbara Club provided an elegant setting for these emotional moments, capturing the essence of their love story against a backdrop of classic beauty. Breanna and Melissa’s wedding was a testament to the enduring allure of timeless romance, celebrated in the heart of one of California’s most charming coastal towns.


Photography: @alyssarubyphotography
Videographer: @zuryrosefilms
Coordinator + Florist: @pacwestblooms
Venue: @thesantabarbaraclub
DJ: @djhecktik
Photo booth: @selfiebooth805
Officiant: @garcia_julia
HMU: @amarisalonandspa
Signage: @dakodoodles
Projector Rentals: @groypresents
Dance Floor: @brighteventrentals

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