Santa Cruz Redwoods Wedding at Waterfall Lodge & Retreat // Sophiana & Keith

Sophiana and Keith’s Santa Cruz redwoods wedding at Waterfall Lodge & Retreat in Ben Lomond was an enchanting celebration nestled within the majestic embrace of the California redwoods. The sprawling venue, perfectly situated to showcase the beauty and essence of the redwoods, provided an awe-inspiring backdrop for this momentous occasion.

The day unfolded with Sophiana and Keith getting ready on opposite sides of the venue, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. The massive trees, towering overhead, created a serene atmosphere that set the stage for the couple’s first look. Meeting in the heart of the redwoods, Sophiana and Keith shared a private moment, capturing the raw and genuine emotions of this special day in breathtaking bridal portraits.

The ceremony spot, surrounded by the towering redwoods, was nothing short of magical. Despite the presence of over 100 guests, the massive trees created a stillness and tranquility, making the act of tying the knot feel remarkably intimate. The natural beauty of the redwood grove became a silent witness to the profound and heartfelt commitment exchanged between Sophiana and Keith.

Post-ceremony, as the couple embarked on their journey as newlyweds, the venue provided an extraordinary backdrop for photos that reflected the deep connection between the two. The reception kicked off with heartfelt speeches that moved everyone to tears, underlining the significance of this union.

Sophiana added a playful and trendy touch to her wedding attire by changing into the cutest bridal jumpsuit, allowing her to dance the night away with ease. The celebration continued with everyone reveling in the joyous atmosphere, accompanied by the delightful addition of a donut truck, bringing a sweet and memorable end to the evening.

Sophiana and Keith’s redwoods wedding was a testament to the captivating beauty of nature and the profound love shared between two individuals. The towering redwoods, the intimate ceremony, and the joyous celebration that followed all combined to create an unforgettable day, marking the beginning of a new chapter for this wonderful couple.


Venue: @waterfallsantacruz
Photo: @alyssarubyphotography
Video: @roanweddings
Film: @laurenlucilecreative
Catering: @theastrantia
Florist: @llavefloral
DJ: @santacruzdjcompany
Sax player: @ashleyjsax

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