Portuguese Beach Bodega Bay Engagement Session // Megan & Andy

Megan and Andy’s engagement session at Portuguese Beach in Bodega Bay was a memorable experience filled with laughter, joy, and a shared love for adventure. From the moment we met, they felt like instant friends. As fellow residents of the Sacramento area, we decided to carpool to the shoot, setting the tone for a day of camaraderie.

The weather on the day of the session played its part, with overcast skies adding a touch of moody ambiance to the photos. Despite the absence of bright sunshine, the gloomy weather turned out to be a perfect backdrop, accentuating the love and warmth shared between Megan and Andy. As we strolled along the picturesque Portuguese Beach, capturing candid moments, their genuine affection for each other became the focal point of every frame.

What made the engagement session even more special was the presence of Megan and Andy’s adorable pups. For their second outfit change, they decided to include their furry companions in the photos, creating heartwarming and lively images that reflected not just their love for each other but also their shared enthusiasm for their pets.

Running around the beach with this delightful couple and their furry friends added an extra layer of fun to the session. The energy was infectious, and the genuine smiles and laughter captured on camera spoke volumes about the couple’s chemistry and the joy they found in each other’s company.

As the day drew to a close, we wrapped up the session and decided to celebrate with a stop at In-N-Out on our way back home, capping off the day with delicious food and shared stories.

Looking ahead, I am eagerly anticipating capturing the next chapter of Megan and Andy’s love story as I have the privilege of documenting their wedding later this year. The engagement session was a wonderful prelude to what promises to be a beautiful celebration of their commitment and enduring love.