Point Reyes Maternity Session & Surprise Proposal on 35mm Film

Capturing the essence of love and surprise, a maternity photoshoot for Kate turned into a magical proposal that left everyone in awe. As the photographer, I had the privilege of not only documenting the beauty of impending parenthood but also witnessing a heartfelt surprise proposal that added an extra layer of joy to the session.

The day unfolded on the windswept shores of Point Reyes, creating a picturesque backdrop for the couple’s maternity session. Little did I know, Andrew had a secret plan to turn this day into a momentous occasion. As we strolled along the beach, capturing the radiant glow of Kate in the midst of nature’s beauty, Andrew seized the perfect moment to drop down on one knee and propose to the love of his life.

The atmosphere was filled with the rhythmic sound of crashing waves and the crisp ocean breeze. The proposal took me by surprise as well, and I couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement and joy for the couple. Kate, initially immersed in the maternity session, was caught off guard in the best way possible. The genuine shock and happiness radiating from her face made for truly priceless and authentic photos.

The beach, though windy, became a witness to the unfolding love story. The first photos below are shot on 35mm film, adding a timeless and nostalgic touch to the photographs. The rest of the session, shot in digital, continued to capture the warmth and connection between the couple as they embraced the news of their engagement.

Adding to the charm of the day, Kate and Andrew brought along their adorable pup, Gouda. The playful moments of running around the beach with the three of them added a delightful and lighthearted touch to the session. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and unexpected joy.

As the photographer, I feel honored to have been part of this special moment in Kate and Andrew’s journey. The genuine emotions, the surprise proposal, and the windswept beauty of Point Reyes all combined to create a truly unforgettable maternity session. Now, with the engagement sealed in these photographs, I eagerly anticipate capturing the intimacy of their upcoming wedding next month. Congratulations to Kate and Andrew – may the love that blossomed on that windy day continue to flourish and bring them endless joy in their journey together.