Old Sugar Mill Wedding on 35mm Film // Kalie & Mohit

Kalie and Mohit’s wedding at The Old Sugar Mill was a celebration infused with vintage charm and a touch of nostalgia, captured beautifully through the lens of 35mm film & digital. The choice of film photography added a unique dimension to the visuals, highlighting the raw emotions and candid moments that unfolded throughout the day.

The festivities kicked off with a first look at the Leland Stanford Mansion in Downtown Sacramento, a location chosen by the couple for its chic, classy, and European vibes. The anticipation and excitement were palpable as Kalie and Mohit shared an intimate moment, surrounded by the timeless elegance of the mansion. The vintage aesthetic of film photography perfectly complemented the setting, adding an extra layer of romance to this special moment.

Following the first look, the couple, adorned in their wedding attire, made their way to The Old Sugar Mill for the main event. Sunset photos in the brick room captured the warm, golden glow filtering through the windows, creating a romantic atmosphere that echoed the love shared between Kalie and Mohit. The venue’s rustic charm and industrial backdrop provided a unique canvas for these moments, showcasing the beauty of their connection against a visually striking backdrop.

By strategically capturing group shots before the ceremony, Kalie and Mohit ensured they could fully immerse themselves in the joy of cocktail hour. This thoughtful decision allowed them to personally greet and connect with their guests, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. As they mingled and shared laughter, the anticipation for the epic dance party that awaited only heightened.

The celebration unfolded into a lively dance party, where Kalie and Mohit, surrounded by friends and family, danced the night away. The Old Sugar Mill, with its historic charm and industrial allure, served as the perfect backdrop for this joyous occasion. The wedding, from the joyous first look to the energetic dance floor, reflected the couple’s unique style and love story, creating a day that will be cherished in memories and beautifully preserved on film.


Venue: @oldsugarmill
Photo: @alyssarubyphotography
DJ: @morningstar__entertainment
Catering: @jackson_catering_events

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