Big Sur Engagement Session at Garrapata State Park // Torrie & Mark

Torrie and Mark’s engagement session in Big Sur at Garrapata State Park unfolded as a picturesque journey along the stunning California coast, creating memories as beautiful and enduring as the landscapes that surrounded them. Hailing from the East Coast, the couple embarked on a romantic road trip, marking their recent engagement with a visit to the iconic Big Sur.

To add an extra touch of glamour to their engagement shoot, Torrie and Mark opted for a silver Porsche convertible, a sleek vehicle that perfectly complemented the breathtaking scenery of the coastline. As they drove along the winding roads, the photos captured the essence of romance and adventure, creating a visual narrative that echoed the excitement of their new chapter together.

Garrapata State Park served as the next stunning backdrop for their engagement session. Against the rugged cliffs and azure ocean, Torrie donned a vibrant pink dress, creating a striking contrast against the natural beauty that surrounded them. The couple, hand in hand, looked out over the cliffside views of Big Sur, encapsulating the depth of their love amidst the grandeur of nature.

As the day progressed, we embraced the changing weather, making the most of the gloomy, overcast ambiance. The beach at Big Sur became the final canvas for their engagement shoot, where carefree moments of running along the shore captured the pure joy and happiness of Torrie and Mark’s connection.

The photos from Torrie and Mark’s engagement session in Big Sur tell a story of love, adventure, and the timeless beauty of the California coastline. The dynamic elements, from the convertible drive to the vibrant cliffside moments, created a visual symphony that echoed the couple’s excitement and deep affection for each other. Congrats, Torrie & Mark!